You need to get a project done, but…

Work is spread all over, so is your attention

Emails, chat, files, tasks, notes...they all live in different places. Navigating through information and keeping track of everything takes all of your attention. Every service tries to take the central place of your work while ignoring the existence of the others. Your project ends up being broken into pieces and it takes so much time connecting them.

Keeping everyone on the same page eats your time

You receive a long email with feedback from a client and you need to discuss it with the team in the chat. The team and client disagree. You end up in a loop of translating chat messages into emails and vice versa. In the end you need to break down the whole discussion into actionable tasks and move the project ahead.

That’s not the only project you are working on

You juggle between multiple projects that are at different stages, set-up in different ways. One client prefers Drive over Dropbox, the other wants Trello over Asana, Slack over Hipchat. Having to put out fires and multitask, makes you feel out of control.

That's you? Let's talk

Swipes lets you connect the pieces of your project in a single dynamic workspace

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