Best Productivity App 2015

get control over yourproductivity

Swipes helps you collect, organize and take action on
the right tasks at the right time.

Gain the full overview ofYour tasks

Swipes works with your productivity system
and collects your tasks from emails and notes.


See how Swipes with Evernote helps
Sisse achieve her goals for the day.

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Become part of the global community of people
aspired to achieve their goals every day.

"With Swipes and Evernote, I scan everything and set reminders, finally becoming organised and paperless."

"If you take the time to develop your system using swipes, you will become unstoppable!"

"This app is your right hand for life, your everyday task terminator."

“Those of you that want something better in life, this app will help you get there.”

This one's for the tactile minimalist.

Swipes brings in a number of new features that really should be imperative to any to-do app.

Swipes ends up being something like the popular Clear app for power users.

You’ll soon find yourself spending less time organising your schedule and more time working on it.


Swipes is a powerful productivity system put
into an intuitive design that gets you the results you want.

Work smart

Focus on the important things.
Snooze the rest for later!

Long lists of tasks are stressful. You panic. You lose focus. Fear no more!

Swipes lets you snooze the things that don’t require your immediate attention so you can focus on the tasks at hand.

Achieve flow

Cut out the distractions.
Dive into your focus mode.

To achieve flow you need a clear plan of the priorities. Tackle your tasks one by one, step by step. Dive into the process - swipe, tap and plan, the distraction will steer away from your busy flow.

Power up Evernote

Remember things with Evernote.
Act on them with Swipes.

Start a system that will keep you on track. Take notes with Evernote, make small and big plans. All tasks from your notes will be synced into your Swipes and you’d be ready to get things done.


Achieve your goals.
Take time to enjoy!

After a productive day, the beer tastes better, the couch feels softer. Swipe your tasks away, review the progress and enjoy the accomplishments.