Repeatable Team Workflow
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Easy way to create and share processes with your team

You are part of a team. Doing something great. There is a lot of cases that the work is chaotic, interesting, there is something new to learn. On the other side, there are a lot of things that you and your team are doing again and again… and again. Often those repetitive tasks become the unwritten team’s processes or workflows. Everyone knows about them but there are not very easy to remember and not very obvious – especially for a new team member.

It would be nice if you can just write this process down step by step, assign the people that are most of the time involved in it and attach the relative information.

From today this is possible in the Swipes Workspace. We call it “Ways of working”. It’s a very easy and intuitive way to save a goal with all of the steps, assignees, and attachments and then load it into another goal that needs the same structure. Here is how it works:

Then you can create a new goal and just as easily load all the necessary information:

Or let’s say you are working on a goal and have set a few steps for it. But half-way through you realize you’ll need to add some things. Then you can simply load a way into the goal and combine it with your existing progress:

We believe that “Ways of working” will make the repetitive and well-known practices in your team more transparent and well understood by everyone, even the newcomers. It’s a way to standardize the knowledge that came with so much hard work and make it reusable. It’s a better way to onboard people and put them in context from the first day. It’s also a very handy way to set standards and save time on monthly, quarterly or yearly operational tasks.

Watch the video on this link:

What are some of the use cases for repeatable goals?

– Monthly accounting
– Onboarding a new teammate
– Making a video
– Releasing a product feature
– Closing an account deal
– Organizing a company event
– Publishing a blog post
– Making a PR campaign
– Making a Social media update
– Bug fixing

What’s next?

That’s the first version of “Ways of working”. We have plans to improve them and make them even more flexible and easy to use. We would love to hear your feedback and even more specific – how do you use this functionality in your company.

Want to try the Swipes Workspace with your team?

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