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Why a Company Retreat Can Be the Best Thing That’s Happened to Your Business in a While

Written by Ralitsa Golemanova

When navigating the stormy seas of your team workflow, you constantly have to find a smooth balance between being efficient and enjoying what you do – and where you love doing it.


Identifying that sweet spot is where you find yourself – together with your team – most productive.


Even if your office rocks, getting outside of that comfort zone can give your team a creativity reboot.


Why not enjoy some time under the sun while you are working on that presentation, or simply give yourself a timeout to set your mind straight. 


Forget about the grey conference room. Meetings can take place in various places.


The change in scenery can help you focus on what’s important.


Even the cafeteria gets that “home” feeling when your team is doing its magic.


Getting away from the office for a while will help your team unleash some wild creative potential, plus bring clarity to the company vision and help everybody get aligned on the right priorities.


Trust us, we know what we are talking about, we high-five-d a bear!


Stay tuned for next week when we’re going to tell you about our most recent company retreat. We’ll give you the full overview: what works, what doesn’t and how to go about organizing your first company getaway.

And in the meantime, it’s your turn to share your experience. Are you ready for your best company retreat yet?

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