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One day before the official launch of the Apple watch, the majority of users, who have pre-ordered the product, have already prepared their list of “must-have” apps.

The wearables market is one yet to shine out, but with the whole quota of Apple Watches already sold, signifies that lots of people are ready to hop on board and adopt this new technology.

Ever since it was first announced, the Apple watch has provoked a variety of businesses to start developing their apps, but it was just recently that a detailed list with screenshots and previews, of all the most popular applications was released. Watch Aware is also a great place to check out some of the latest featured apps.

iPhone and Apple watch image


The greatest thing about the Apple Watch is that it does not simply replace the mobile phone, but rather complements it by providing a faster and easier way, to use some of the apps’ most powerful features.

As the main targeted audience of the Apple watch is the user of other Apple products, there is a wide variety of implications for people in various interests and backgrounds. Productivity enthusiasts have also been anxiously waiting to learn, what the new the Apple Watch is going to bring to the productivity game.

That’s why, we have compiled a list of 5 productivity apps to look out for after the release of the Apple Watch.


Evernote app for apple watch image

When we talk about productivity, there is no argument that Evernote is the most honorable mention. As one of the top productivity softwares on the market, there is rarely somebody who cannot recognize the “Grey Elephant” icon.

With their new Apple watch App, the guys from Evernote have taken note taking to the next level and provided users with an additional way to organize their notebooks.

Here is a short list of features available on the watch app:

  • Note dictation
  • Search
  • Set reminders
  • Item check off
  • Transferable content


Cloudmagic app for apple watch image
Email takes a major part in our daily lives for both personal and professional usage. Being able to organize your inbox is rapidly becoming a priority for lots of people.

CloudMagic is one of the most popular apps for Apple users working towards achieving that.It was, therefore, of no surprise, that they have also announced developing an Apple Watch app.

Apple watch owners using Cloudmagic can take advantage of the following functions:

  • View unread messages
  • Get notifications
  • Archiving and deleting emails
  • Send short replies
  • Star items


Swipes app for apple watch image
Here at Swipes, the task-manager for high achievers, we are also preparing an app to support the Apple Watch.

Apart from developing a mobile app, we promote an innovative productivity methodology to focus only on a short list of important tasks at a time, while scheduling the rest for later. In the last few months we’ve experienced huge growth and we don’t plan to stop here.

The Apple Watch app of Swipes will aid you on your journey to productivity through available features such as:

  • Quck add of tasks
  • Task notifications
  • Scheduling and Completing tasks
  • Adding tags


Slack app for apple watch image
Slack has ventured on the quest to make your work life simpler, more enjoyable and last but not least more productive. This business messenger has made team communication and project management easier and most of all, more efficient.

Expanding Slack to the wearable products was expected, yet the question of what the usability of such an app for the Apple Watch would be was still present.

It did not take long for the team behind it to spread the news of what to expect on Slack for Apple watch.

  • Send direct messages
  • See mentions
  • Fast replies
  • Switch teams


Trello app for apple watch image
Covering the topic of project management, the most common service that comes to mind is Trello. The way the application works, makes managing a project not only more efficient, but visually appealing as well.

With the use of cards, Trello has created a new method of assigning, reviewing and following up on tasks, into categories and boards, where each team member can stay on track of his current assignments and the progress of projects.

Trello has confirmed its application for Apple Watch and here is what you can expect:

  • Add Cards
  • Add tasks
  • Receive notifications
  • Respond and comment
  • Review recent cards

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