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Welcome to Swipes’ team stories! Each month we will present you one of the awesome people that build our product and make sure you hear about it. Let’s get started with Kasper, the Danish productivity superhero, also known as the CEO of Swipes.


Kasper started his first company when he was 19 years old, and he has been on a productivity quest ever since. He’s been through various phases in his life, including a short visit to prison cell #118 and starting a few more companies, which brought him to his current role as the driving force behind Swipes. A whirling ball of energy, there is barely a challenge Kasper won’t tackle with his sharp analytical mind.
After all, Kasper comes from Denmark, a place where the concept “Arbejdsglæde,” or “work happiness,” rules the working life.

At Swipes, he is balancing between fundraising, building the product and taking responsibility for the team as our CEO.

To reveal what drives Kasper on his path of achieving higher productivity, just consider this. He always wanted to start his own company, but being 18 years old, it was difficult – and not so wise – to skip university. Feeling that he was still not ready for building a business, he set off to combine school with obtaining some entrepreneurial knowhow.

There was only one problem. Time.

Juggling between university education and launching a company was not easy.

Soon enough, Kasper found a solution for that. He devised his own system to manage both priorities in his life. Instead of going to all classes, he would only focus on gaining the knowledge and passing his exams.

His first attempt was to study only for a day before the exam, but he figured out that won’t do. So he did three days of intense studying – and then went on to take the exam.

And it worked. He got only Bs and Cs, and sometimes even perfect grades.

As he himself said, only time will show if straight As would have been the better option. (But we surely don’t think so.)

So what are Kasper’s productivity hacks? Let’s hear about them directly from the Danish productivity hero.

1. Follow your body’s rhythm

Body RhytmLiving an intensive life, I’ve found out that if I don’t listen to my body, I end up burning out.

That’s why I started paying attention to the rhythm of my body. I noticed that I function best in the morning, if I go to bed too late, I completely destroy my routine. So I plan the most important tasks for the day for that time frame.

To boost your productivity, start listening to what your body has to say. Learn what your natural rhythm is and follow it relentlessly. Regularity is key!

When you’re tempted to work late, think rationally instead. Go home and get a good night’s sleep. Your productivity is much higher the next day and you avoid the burnout in the longer run.

2. Find your minimum viable sports

minimum viable sports imageWhen you have a thousand priorities, it’s easy to skip on sports. But sports improves your health, mood and productivity dramatically. And exercise makes you smarter!

I’ve tried sports so many times. Being all serious in the gym for 1,5 hours multiple times a week. Trying to swim, run or bicycle. All with the same result, I ended up quitting because I’m “too busy”.

What I’ve found to work for me is to make a smaller commitments and fit it into the routine.

We have a gym in the building of the Swipes HQ, so now I have three fitness sessions per week, but only 40 minutes on the treadmill – that’s enough for me to get the effect, but not too long for me to procrastinate with my busy schedule.

3. Don’t overorganize

overorganize imageIn my work, I need to wear many hats to get the job done. And believe it or not, one of the biggest problems about being super busy is the tendency to overorganize.

Throughout the years, I’ve realized that I cannot control my day up to the minute. It only puts me under pressure. That’s why instead of planning each and every detail of a task, I just put down all tasks – naturally, in my Swipes. Then I do a quick scheduling and roll up my sleeves. Without overthinking and overplanning.

When you’re facing a lot of work that brings twice as much stress, it’s easy to unnecessarily complicate your life in your efforts to manage it all. But it’s much better to choose the easiest possible system that helps you get things done, on time.

Start with writing down all your current tasks. Then just take a minute and reflect about your priorities. What needs your attention now, what can wait for later? And most importantly, which is the activity that brings you the biggest results?

Once you get clarity on what’s really important, assign specific days and times to the tasks, but don’t set them in stone in your mind. And remember – if something more significant pops up, you can always move the previous task for later. No guilt involved, if you’re following your true priorities.

Excited to try out these tips?

Staying on top of your game and reaching new productivity heights takes a lot of effort. But if you listen to your body’s rhythm, do minimum viable sports and avoid overorganizing your life, you’re on to a good trip – and a successful one.

Excited to try these hacks yourself? Awesome! If you have some cool productivity tips of your own, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

And don’t forget to try out Swipes!

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