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Swipes, the Fellowship of Doers and Makers: 2015 Rocked!

2015 is waving us goodbye. And oh boy, was it an eventful year.

It was an unbelievably exciting, crazy, fast-paced year for the Swipes team. And we cannot be more thankful for all the amazing opportunities, learnings and successes we’ve had together as a team – and with all of you out there, using our products, supporting us and spreading the Swipes love. So we want to wish all of you happy holidays and a successful year ahead! Thank you for sharing the wonderful ride with us!

Before we head on into 2016, it’s time to stop for a minute and think back about the important steps on the way during this year.

So, what was so hot about Swipes in 2015?

#1. The Fellowship grows to 10 amazing doers & makers


Our strong crew grew with six new people, each of us bringing new power and inspiration to the Fellowship. In case you haven’t met us yet, here we are.


Mitko, the Internet Prodigy



Dobri, the Magician of the Happy Customer



Ralitsa, the Teller of Tales



Kristjan, the Frontend Maister



Miro, the Product Whizz



Tiho, the Backend Crafter

#2. Swipes Personal for Android hit the top charts


In March 2015, we released the Swipes Personal app for Android. And guess what, it hit the top charts with a bang. We got 100,000 downloads in a month!

#3. Webby Award Nomination for one of the world’s 5 top productivity apps


On a pleasantly warm day in April 2015, all started out as usual at the Swipes HQ. And then came the Webby Award nomination, recognizing Swipes as one of the 5 top productivity apps in the world.

The prestigious nomination was a huge gratification and a strong sign for us that our work can really make a difference on a big scale in people’s lives.

#4. Swipes expanding to new lands: team productivity


By June 2015, the Swipes Personal app was helping more than 500,000 people to collect, organize and take action on their important tasks, every day. But we love challenges – and we can never stop growing.

As we had always felt that one day we want to expand our knowhow to team productivity, we knew that it was time to conquer new territories.

So we set to solve one of the biggest pains for teams today: how to work better together. And that’s only the beginning!

#5. Swipes featured as #1 app worldwide on the Mac App Store


Another recognition for the usefulness of the Swipes Personal app came in the summer of 2015. It was featured as #1 app worldwide on the Mac App Store.

#6. Did somebody say company retreat?


Because we know how important it is for teams to stay aligned and foster a culture of sharing and mutual appreciation, we love to get some time away from the office together. So we go to company retreats!

In 2015, we had two team trips that we’ll remember for all the nice talks, warm sharing and bright ideas. Here are some impressions from our first big company retreat in Bulgarian mountains – and the big Fellowship retreat later on.

#7. Alchemist Accelerator, here we come.


And here we are today at the end of 2015, when Swipes is already a part of the highly selective Alchemist Accelerator program that focuses on bringing the best new B2B companies to the Silicon Valley. We’re in for an exciting ride!


We’d like to thank the Swipes friends and family for all the support and love – we can’t wait to start 2016 together with you!

Happy holidays!

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