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Meet the new Swipes for Teams – a Slack client with built-in task management that’s going to change how your team communicates and collaborates.


You’ve probably felt that there is something new and exciting in the air around Swipes these days.

You’re right.

We just launched Swipes for Teams, our teamwork tool which is built upon Slack’s communication platform and is bound to bring joy and productivity in the task management of your team.

Ever since we started developing Swipes back in 2013, we all had the intuitive feeling that one day we want to – and we will – build a team productivity tool.


And today we give you exactly that. Our collaboration tool, which functions as a Slack client with integrated task management, is based on the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from two and a half years of developing Swipes for personal productivity.

Swipes for Teams is here to…

…Make working together as easy as talking to each other.

It adds a layer of powerful collaboration on top of the Slack platform, allowing teammates to chat and work together on tasks right from the same window. It extends the hyped communication tool that everybody loves, so that you don’t need to switch between Slack and a complex project management tool ever again.


Fancy checking out the features of the first version? Here they are:

  • Parallel view of Slack chat and tasks in personal and group chats, as well as in channels, uniting communication and collaboration in the same window;
  • Add any message as a task in the right side of the window, so that conversations are immediately turned into a plan of actions;
  • Display of project-based tasks within a relevant channel, visible to all the teammates in it, so everybody can be on the same page;
  • Personal workspace with all tasks either delegated from teammates or set by yourself, providing personal overview as well;
  • Attach files to collaborate with a teammate or submit the final version of your work
  • s.o.f.i., Swipes’ collaboration bot, turns into your personal workflow assistant, letting you know when you’ve been assigned a task or when others have completed a job.

Future features will include multiple Slack teams support, search within tasks, channels and personal communication, as well as expanding on s.o.f.i.’s skills as a personal assistant.


What it costs to get started

Get a FREE trial of Swipes for Teams. This is a first version of the app and the more power we add to it, the more reasons you’ll have to pay for it. The full-featured tool will charge a fee per team member per month.

The app is available for Mac and Windows at first, but it will later be out for mobile as well.


And it’s as easy to get on board as ordering a Piña Colada


Because we understand that people don’t want to adopt yet another software and have to constantly switch between 10 tools per day, we have designed a smart alternative to the complicated project management solutions on the market.

So we built the Swipes for Teams on top of a platform that is already working for 200 000 companies – Slack. We all love Slack! And we’re pioneering the way of extending and delivering work tools on the basis of its successful communication experience. With Swipes for Teams, we have chat and tasks together, the tool that moves us from talking to doing.

Plus, most task managers for teams are built with the project manager in mind and require a steep learning curve before you can start using them. To solve this, we built Swipes for Teams considering the workflow of all team members that actually execute the tasks.

Swipes for Teams is stunningly easy to adopt, and as said, as it doesn’t force you to learn a new system. A team member can start using the app individually, and the rest will see the tasks assigned to them in Slack.

Instead of artificially separating communication and collaboration, Swipes gives teammates the tool to instantly turn the topics they are discussing in the Slack chat into actionable tasks without switching windows.


Introducing s.o.f.i., the collaboration bot that’s going to change how your team works.  


But no story is complete without a bot twist.

So today we’d like you to meet s.o.f.i. She’s Swipes’ collaboration bot. With her help, no chat will get boring – and no task will remain undone.

Her tasks currently include getting you on board of Swipes for Teams and announcing assigned and completed tasks in the relevant channels. But stay tuned because she’s gonna get wild in there. 

Want to try out Swipes for Teams today?

Get it now!

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