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There is a saying that “A picture tells a thousand words“. We feel the same, when it comes to knowledge and experience sharing.

Motivation does come from the inside of a person, but sometimes we need some inspiration from an external source. It’s even better if it is a genuine conversation with somebody, who shares his story and presents all the ups and downs he went through in the process of getting where he is right now.

This is exactly, why we believe that retelling your stories and spreading them could be a factor in another person’s life and change it for the better.

Last time, we presented to you the inspirational story of Teddy Toneva on hear leap from a corporate job to an entrepreneur.

This month’s Achiever of the month covers the story of Jesper Weltz, a software developer, who was kind enough to give us a personal interview.

About Jesper

Jesper Weltz is a tech savvy software dev with an entrepreneurial mind who co-founded the digital studio Fenge. He has been working on a variety of projects ranging from websites to webshops and web platforms. In his spare time you can find him tinkering electronics or building things. He currently is stepping up his Project Management skills and outsourcing some of the development work to others.

Jesper has been using Swipes and Evernote to organize his projects and stay on top of his game.

Here is the full transcript of the interview.

Jesper: When I was a child I wanted to be an Architect. That was actually a dream I had, most of my time growing up. The whole notion of designing and constructing “things”, intrigued me a lot. Actually, one funny story is: I broke my arm and then, because I broke my arm, some other stuff happened and some stuff happened and I became an Architect

Now, I am (One half) for a company that does graphical design and web development. I am the Code-monkey. I do the software development. What we actually do is websites, web shops, these type of things. We’ve recently started outsourcing and remarkably our first attempt of outsourcing is so far on time and on budget and that in itself I am quite proud that we managed to achieve that on the first go.

More privately, I am rebuilding a house, right now. I actually manage to more or less rebuild the complete first floor with these two hands.

How I organize my day and workflow

For the most part, I sort of structure stuff inside Evernote, where I have the tasks I am to do and all the notes and everything I have. I literally have a folder inside of Evernote that’s called “To-do”-s, which has the to-dos and all the notes and links inside of them. Then they are synced into Swipes, which is like the best feature. And then I have the overview in Swipes.

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