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Recently, in my Swipes email I received a summary message from AppAnnie, an app management system that summarises data about the performance of an app and sends it to the developers. The message featured a section of the recent reviews that users have written about Swipes on the AppStore.

I couldn’t help but notice that one of the user reviews was quite long. I read it through and was happy to find out that our user have successfully managed to integrate Swipes in his workflow and we have successfully managed to convey the power of the Swipes productivity system in comparison to others.

I’m excited to share his experience with you and see what your thoughts about it are. I haven’t altered the text, just formatted it for your ease of read. 🙂 (See the original comment in the image below)

I have tried way too many App Store GTD apps, looking for the one that would work well for me, and Swipes might just be it. At first Swipes seemed just to simple, possibly not to have everything that you find in OmniFocus, Todo 7, or a lot of the other better-known apps, but I soon found that what it does do it does very well and with a lot of panache. And as I got to know Swipes better, I could imagine it easily outperforming most of the premium GTD apps.Once you get over the learning curve, you find yourself flying through your to do list, and well on the way to concentrating on getting things done.

The interface is slick, dare I say elegant? The metaphor the authors have come up with just works, once you become familiar with it. One of the strengths, or one might say anomalies, of this app is that it works closely with Evernote in a very unique manner. The app allows you to link with Evernote notes. When I had played with this capability and figured out how to best take advantage of it, I found that I had the basis for the most multidimensional project management schema I have encountered. Some might not see the value in this, but I work with Evernote (not entirely my first choice as a data archiving system) so this was not much of a problem for me. This also makes up for one of the feature shortcomings of swipes – the app does not have a standalone project management scheme to compare with the likes of OmniFocus. But in conjunction with Evernote I find that it dominates the traditional project management approach.

Let me also add that the app has a slick tag system, an adequate search system and a very unique and easy-to-use time system for controlling the scheduling of your tasks. Having said all of the above, the app feels young at times and I have encountered a couple of minor bugs, and as is usually is the case, there are a few features I would like to see added. I like the app so much and am so impressed with the authors’ clear commitment to the app that I fully intend to stick with it. I’m sure this will be a great app in time.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend that you look at this app. I equate it to dancing with a highly skillfull and graceful partner, as compared to The drudgery of some of the tedious manipulations that I’ve had to put up with with other often very pricey GTD apps that you find in the App Store.” – Thank you awesome Swipes app user for the great comment! It really gave us a motivation boost to keep improving Swipes.

In 2015 we’re focusing on creating the best practices for an integrated workflow. We’ve planned some more integrations to the digital work tools people use everyday and we’re writing content on how to make most out of them. Dear Swipes users, what are your tips & best practices for a smooth workflow that you can share with us? It would be very interesting to exchange know-how and learn from each other. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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