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Over the past few days, we’ve been busy asking successful people what their trick is to waking up and kick starting a productive day. We’ve spread our efforts asking almost the same question on Quora, Twitter and Google Plus Communities. Here’s what we’ve heard and learned from all successful people we got response from:

They Go To Bed Early

Successful people actually make an effort in getting to bed early. Their productive day starts from the night before. At the same time the majority of them aren’t extreme fanatics that absolutely have to stick to this rule. According to their weekly schedule, they know when it’s permissible to fall asleep a bit later and when it’s not.

If you are still trying to establish a healthy habit around getting enough sleep or waking up early just ask yourself what your life goal is what your professional goal is. Then try to cut it down to what you can do tomorrow in order to get closer. Now, you’ll instantly know why you need a good start your day and will be able to figure out how to do it. To get you inspired, here’s a list of 27 executives who wake up really early.

But as James Thurber said:

“There is no exception to the rule that every rule has an exception.”

So, there’s also a number of successful people who go to bed late.

Some Stay Awake at Nights

Here’s a nice list of 19 successful people who barely sleep. For example Laurie Tucker, the senior vice president of FedEx’s Corporate Marketing department goes to sleep at 2 a.m. and rises at 6 a.m. Or Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s current CEO stays awake after midnight and gets only 4-6 hours of sleep.

It seems that a lot of the world’s well-known leaders tend to work more and sleep less. Sometimes you’ll even hear about people who never believed in sleeping schedule at all. Like Leonardo Da Vinci who took 20 minutes power naps once every four hours.

They plan their day the night before

This helps successful individuals to jump out of bed quick. They set tasks the night before and allow their minds to work subconsciously even while they are sleeping. It’s known as a ‘creative sleep’. Just remember that in order to get this to work well, you should have some prior source of idea on various solutions to completing a certain task.

In both cases, the conscious mind should have done a lot of work earlier on the problem and exhausted all avenues of solutions. Only then, it seems, that the subconscious mind goes into overdrive and solves the problem. Check this article from to get more info on how to solve problems by sleeping.

In a nutshell

We learned that compared to all others, the most successful people sleep less and work more. They wake up at different times… and it isn’t always a bad sign for their productivity during the day if they wake up a bit later. They have also trained themselves to sleep anywhere, even if it’s not comfortable enough for the average person. Dedication made them change their habits and made them successful.


We encourage you to answer the following question in the comments.

How do you usually wake up?


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