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Work together as one.

The Workspace is a shared place for your team to plan, discuss and take action.


Unite the work of your team.

It's a beautiful app to help teams Plan projects, Discuss ideas and Take action on the priorities. It's that simple. No more 10s of apps to dig in, hundreds of open browser tabs and crazy stream of notifications to react on. Just the Workspace.

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Attach your files with ease

You can now drag&drop files right in the Swipes Workspace. It will check what you have open right now on the screen and propose you the best options where to attach your file.

Do Not Try These 3 Productivity Hacks

If you're frantically refreshing Gary Vaynerchuk's blog on an hourly basis (or at least his Twitter) but you're still hungry for more tips and tricks to make the most out of your time, read on.


The Swipes Team.

We are a small team that builds tools for millions of people. We care about creating high-quality work and making the best experience for our customers.

We dare challenging the status quo of the way we work today and bring new innovative approaches on the market. Our products are not tools that follow the features that every other app has, but a mindset-shifters that promote more collaborative and inclusive work environments.

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Things we do


CSS-in-JS solution, giving better control over your styles so you don't have to repeat yourself or even worse, write CSS


Validation library heavily influenced by react proptypes, saving your butt every time your wife thinks you are an object and not a string