Motivation boost for 2015 – What did we accomplish in 2014?

Motivation boost for 2015 – What did we accomplish in 2014?

One year ago, here at Swipes we proclaimed 2014 to be The Year of Achievers! We took on the mission to help people achieve their best work. An ambitious task for a team of three. So we set off to find the right people to work with and partner with, the doers and makers, the High Achievers. Here is our story about this exciting journey.

Achievement #1: We launched "2014 - Year of Achievers"

We challenged ourselves to find alike-minded people who strive to improve, grow and become better every day. For us, task management is about achievements and performance! It’s about the outstanding feeling of knowing you’ve outdone yourself! So we wanted to build Swipes into the task manager for High Achievers - the tool designed to help you take action on the big goals with a small step every day. We wanted to inspire you to keep your eyes on the prize. And boy oh boy, did everybody love it!!!

Swipes app is highly recommended to do list / task manager, five star ranking ImageSwipes app is highly recommended to do list / task manager, five star ranking Image

Achievement #2: We built a Team of High Achievers

Almost 2 years ago, it was me - Yana (Business), Kasper (our CEO) and Stefan (our Designer), working on Swipes day & night and literally pushing ourselves with 24/7-cross-disciplinary-self-education to fill-in the gaps of knowledge we desperately needed to build up Swipes.

Swipes app founders - Yana, Kasper & Stefan ImageSwipes app founders - Yana, Kasper & Stefan Image

We started with just an idea, and through hard work we created Swipes bit by bit. It’s a privilege to see that today our “something” has grown to be bigger than us! And we are not alone in it. In 2014 we found the people that made it all possible. In the beginning of 2014, the Swipes team was joined by Stanimir – our iOS dev and a passionate about running long distance sparkling a fitness competition within the team; Felipe – our Android dev and a basketball aficionado, who thanks to the miracles of technology spread positive vibes all the way from Brazil. Kristian – our angel (investor), who backed us when things were good and never left our side when the road got bumpy. Those are the guys who jumped on board, who dared to dream big with us and who make things happen!

Swipes app Team is growing with new colleagues ImageSwipes app Team is growing with new colleagues Image

Also, our team was joined by four other fine gentleman – Douglas, Lasse, Chris and Stephen, who advise us and help us draw the path from “just a dream” to an actionable execution. As we love saying - those are the guys sitting outside the washing machine who watch us spinning inside and tell us where we're going. ;)

Swipes app Team is growing with new advisors ImageSwipes app Team is growing with new advisors Image

With this team of High Achievers, no doubt we laid out the foundation for a fast-paced 2015 and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got! And why am I saying fast-paced? Well, let me tease you with the news that within the first two weeks of 2015, we’ve already grown the Swipes team by 3 new members - a fine addition of savvy productivity minds.

Achievement #3: We were nominated #1 Productivity app in over 147 countries

It was a huge deal for us! An achievement that we earned from months of hard work on the product. We had created something that was helping thousands people around the globe be more productive in their day.

Swipes app is nominated as number one to do app / task manager all over the world ImageSwipes app is nominated as number one to do app / task manager all over the world Image

Achievement #4: We filmed our first short movie: Analogue vs Digital tools

Embracing a personal challenges, our Chief Creative – Stefan, came up with the idea to write and direct a short in the style of ‘1984’ by George Orwell. To mark the big launch of Swipes 2.0, we opposed Analogue vs. Digital tools and showed a slight preference towards the last. The outcome was great and we obtained a lot of new skills within branding, storytelling, film production, 3D modelling and more. We’ve then used our newly acquired ninja talents for a lot of the other Swipes materials that you see today.

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Achievement #5: We launched a massive PR campaign with 400k reach

We then used the video to launch a big PR stunt with over 400k people in reach on social media and got even @Brad Feld to join in.

Swipes app launches a Thunderclap promo campaign ImageSwipes app launches a Thunderclap promo campaign Image

Achievement #6: We built Swipes BETA for Android and people went bananas about it

Remember this guy Felipe, that I showed you above? Well, he took the Swipes app for iOS and a blank code page in Java and he created the most intuitive to-do app for Android. Still in BETA, but just give it a few more months and you’d be happily swiping tasks away every day.

Swipes app releases a BETA for Android, To-do list for High Achievers ImageSwipes app releases a BETA for Android, To-do list for High Achievers Image

Achievement #7: We run for "Best New Startup of 2014" by Evernote. And we won!

In January 2014, we decided to make a smart integration between Swipes and Evernote (the best note-taking software on the market) that automatically gathers all your checkmarks from notes and adds them as tasks in your Swipes. It saves you tons of time and hustle and it naturally integrates in your workflow. In June 2014, the Evernote team started getting excited about our work, which resulted in us being nominated for “Best New Startup of 2014″. This was a huge thing for us and for the tech scenes in both Denmark and Bulgaria, where our team comes from. Media, connections, friends and users from all around the world voted up Swipes as a finalist and before I knew it, I was on my way to San Francisco to embrace my personal challenge - presenting Swipes on the finals.


This was my first time presenting on stage so big with a mic neatly attached to my head and a cinema sized screen to my back and all the shebang. I must’ve done something right, because a day later we were awarded with “Best New Startup of 2014″. To date I can’t put in words the excitement from this event, how proud I was of my kick-ass team and my personal achievement for presenting in front of 1500 ~ people! Most importantly, I was proud of Swipes and the recognition of being a part of the work of such a great global player in the productivity scene like Evernote. Evernote Platform Awards 2014, Swipes Gold Winner - Best New Startup of 2014 ImageEvernote Platform Awards 2014, Swipes Gold Winner - Best New Startup of 2014 Image

In this journey some peaks were steeper, others – trickier but as Mr. Walker encourages us – we kept on walking! 2014 was a true year of achievement at the Swipes Team and I assure you we were just warming up.

PS. This revision of the exciting news from 2014 gave us a real motivation boost to start strong in 2015. I highly recommend you trying this as well. What we did to get it start is: we gathered the team and mapped out all the proud moments that we've shared in the last year, we put them into a timeline and revised the priorities. We took screenshots and wrote the text. Gladly, Facebook remembers many more things than we do. :D So I'm very curious to hear how did you prepare yourself & your team for 2015. Did you revise any goals from last year? Have you made plans for this? Happy to hear your ideas in the comments below. Love ~ Yana from Swipes