3 Tips On Being There For Your Family Without Actually Being There

3 Tips On Being There For Your Family Without Actually Being There

(Non) Productivity Hacks

Last month we showed you 3 unique (least to say :D) ways to gain more time for your work. But this comes at a cost. With your newly obtained hyper-productivity, people may get the wrong message - you get things done faster and then have tons of free time. Nope, nope. That's not how it works. There's always more to do. But try saying that to your partner or kids. So this time around, we've prepared a series of 3 real life-saviors: how to be there for your family with a minimum time investment.

Let's dive in.

Automate the b-day wishes to your friends and family

Birthdays happen every year. Not a biggie, everyone has them. Yet friends still expect to hear from you on their special day. Huge time-waster! Plus things gets worse with time - the longer you live, the more people you know.

To optimize your politeness, just set up a IFTTT (if this then that) recipe to send wishes on your behalf every time a friend has a birthday. This eliminates the need to check Facebook and end up in a 1h scrolling, likes & comments trap. To automate the wish, make it nice but also gender, age & personality neutral. Make sure it's clear that it's automated and you've put 0 effort in it. Otherwise people might feel obliged to write to you and even invite you to the birthday party. Duh, the worst could happen!

Schedule 2min hug-time with your kids

I will not say whom we got this tip from but it is a real person! And a highly admirable productivity guru (loves Twitter and stufff) but since he says it, it must work!

The concept is basic - instead of always being there for your kids ALL THE TIME, get the quality time scheduled out. The famous guru said that he goes for a 2-minute hug time in the morning. With this set-up when kids randomly approach you during the day and require your attention, you can remind them that there’s time for everything. The benefits of this hack are endless - starting from the feel good warmth of completing a task to teaching your kids patience!

Have a movie night without watching the movie

This last one is a real winner for a Saturday night. You just want to sit on your laptop and hammer through some spreadsheets, presentations and emails. BUT your family demands attention! "It's the weekend." they say "We never do anything together.".

Offer them a movie night. But when you're all taking seats, do place your recliner (if you don't have one, you need one!) in front of the sofa. Explain to the family that you've become short-sighted and don't see the screen all the way from the sofa. Sneak in your iPad or at least the phone, take a comfortable position and enjoy working while the rest think you're following the movie with them.

Pro tip: Read the IMDB summary of the movie before it finishes so you can take an active part in the discussion after. You'd never get caught!

What's the most ridicilous life hack you can think 🤔 of? Give your best in the comments below! 😆🙃🤪