Drag and Drop Everywhere

Drag and Drop Everywhere


It's been a long time but we have a pretty big update to discuss so let's dive in!

Compact view for the plans

You can see that the whole design of the plan list is changed. The circles are gone. I know... they were pretty! But they took a lot of space and offered almost no information. We believe that the new design is way more compact and gives you more useful information. For example - it now shows you progress on steps as well.

Reorder of plans is here!

Finally a much wanted feature is dropping in this update! You can now reorder your plans! Just drag and drop them around.

And reorder of attachments!

We added reordering on the attachments too! Now you can just shuffle them exactly how you want them. It's very convenient when you have a big list of things.

Editing steps

We also altered the way you edit steps so it's more convenient when you want to change the text inside. Now only the things that you don't do that often, like reordering or deleting a step, requires hitting the edit button.

Discussion changes

You will now receive push notifications for discussions you're following. Those are the ones that you are either tagged in, mentioned or wrote a comment under. Also you can now follow, unfollow and delete a discussion.

New post optionsNew post options

Categories (Post, Question, Announcement, Information) are removed from discussions. We found little to no value having a category so we decided to remove them.

Big design changes

A whole new look for plans, goals and discussions! Cleaner and way more spacious. We believe you are going to love it!


You can now change your plan and card details from the app.

Fixed bugs

  • A long standing bug where a user can't complete the onboarding and the icon stays there forever
  • Viewing attachments on mobile
  • The notification that welcomes a new member in the team which caused the app to crash
  • A visual bug when completing steps on mobile
  • When someone likes a post but the post creator doesn't receive a notification about it

And a lot more small stuff that you probably don't care about ;)

What's next?

We listened to your feedback and this update is just the first step. Thanks to you we now know that a lot of improvements around notifications, disucussions and planning need to be made. The next couple of releases will be focused around that.

From now on we are not going to do 4-month releases. You are going to see smaller but more frequent ones!

We are super happy with this release! We think it's a good step in the right direction! Now go check it out and don't forget to send us your feedback!