How the Workspace brings your team closer

How the Workspace brings your team closer

A complete product walkthrough

We made a "How to video" for the Workspace. It goes through the product basics but also covers the key benefits for your team: full overview of a project, clear priorities for each teammate and straight-to-the-point conversations.

You can watch the video here:

If you prefer reading through the material, here it is:

We are going to talk about planing, execution and communication and how these three parts are working seamlessly together to make your team work as one.


Let’s say I have a new idea, client project or some bigger milestone in our company. Before I get to actually doing the work I should start with a good plan. For example I'm going to do a new website.

Creating a planCreating a plan

Now I go in and I have to add goals to my plan. Goals are the things that me and my team needs to do in order for the plan to succeed. These are bigger chunks of work and most of the time requires common effort to complete them.

Creating goalsCreating goals

Now and Later

Once I put all of the goals in the plan I have something very important to decide. Which ones are for now and which ones are for later. That’s a very simple but powerful system to put priorities of your goals. The only question I have to answer is is it for now and is it for later.

Now and LaterNow and Later

And there we go. I have only two goals left. This is a very good method for pin pointing where we should start we our plan. And it will always keep the focus on what is important right now in order for my plan to get to success.

Adding steps

When I am ready with that part and I know more details I can enter a goal and be even more specific with the instructions. We can add steps. These are the very actions that we are going to make in order to complete the goal. You can assign steps to more than one person but most of the time it is going to be one person going for a step.

Adding stepsAdding steps

Also I can add attachments. These are very helpful to provide more instructions or to deliver my work right in the workspace. I can make notes, add links or upload files.

Attached noteAttached note

Take Action

That's the place I go in the mornings. That's my filter of goals that I am part of and they are set for 'now' in their plans. Once the plan is set these are the things that I should take action on. Every person has its own list of priorities.

Take ActionTake Action


And finally the discuss section. It’s a live feed of very well structured information that is meant to keep you always in the right context. I go here when I want to communicate with the team or just get up to speed with what is going on in the organisation.

The first thing that you will notice is that every post has a label. We have 4 different labels. Just a general post, asking a question, making an announcement or sharing some information.

Labels to choose fromLabels to choose from

This labels are very useful. Helps me filter out which things are important very quickly but most importantly I know the intent of my teammate. It gives me a guideline how to perceive the information in the post. It adds another level of emotion and clarity to the communication.

There is one more neat feature to help you structure your communication better. You would notice that under my name there is something clickable there. We call that "context" and quite literally it is the context of the post.

Creating contextCreating context

For example I asked SOFI how we are moving with that one? Which one? Well I meant visual research. So now I’m aways one click away from all the information that I need to have a constructive and value adding conversation.

How I am attaching this context? I can set the context from a plan, goal or a note just hitting the discuss button on the top.

Discuss buttonDiscuss button

Now you can see that the context is attached to the post that I am about to make.

Attaching a contextAttaching a context

That’s all good but what happens when people are chatty and I loose my post in the feed. How the context will help me if I can’t find it in the feed anymore? There is a very easy way (no, I am not talking about the search icon).

I can go to our favourite plan and you will notice that there is a number next to the discuss button. When I click on it it will filter all the posts that are for this plan.

Finding discussionsFinding discussions

This button works the same for goals and notes. So it’s very easy to get back to your conversations and always keep the right context. It’s amazing!

And of course you can give love to others! It's always good to be appreciative.

That’s the Swipes Workspace. Planing, execution and communication integrated seamlessly together to deliver the best possible experience! If you want to try it out register here -

I hope I was helpful to you and always - stay productive!