A letter to all Swipes users: What is the future of Swipes personal?

A letter to all Swipes users: What is the future of Swipes personal?

A letter to all Swipes Personal users

Dear Swipes Personal user, As you may have heard in our previous post - Swipes Mission: Tasks were just the beginning, 1,5 years ago we shifted the focus of our small company to work on some of the fundamental problems of team collaboration: silos of information, noisy tools, context-switching and lack of transparency.

It took us a loooong time to unravel the depth of  the current broken processes and create something new.

We are now releasing the Swipes Workspace

A better way of working.

So what is the future of Swipes Personal?

But to achieve our mission we had to fully focus our attention and discontinue the updates to Swipes personal. Thus, we have not fixed the problems with synchronization, we've left some of your messages unanswered, and in general, we've been bad at keeping you updated about the future of our task manager. We are very sorry about that!

The reality is that we don't know when we will be able to update the product again and improve the experience. Swipes personal will remain free but we still don't have the manpower and resources to develop the product further.

Our goal is to reach sustainability as a company through our teamwork product, the Workspace. Then we will create a bridge between Swipes Personal and the Workspace that will enable people to have a natural blend of work and personal commitments. We will rewrite the whole infrastructure for Swipes Personal to our new technology so the synchronization is stable. We will make bug fixes and the suggested improvements that are currently nagging you.

These are our plans in brief but with no clear date of execution. It can take us a long time. But we will focus on keeping you updated as we go. :)

What to expect next?

From now on, on all our public channel - blog, social media and Youtube, we will be adding photos, articles and videos about the better way of working. We will share what we've learned about the importance of sharing information across teammates, getting constructive feedback on your work, overcoming the challenges of working remotely and scaling up a company.

Thank you! Yana, Kasper, Stefan, Kristjan and Tihomir