Are You Brave Enough to Use These Ridiculous Ways to Save Time?

Are You Brave Enough to Use These Ridiculous Ways to Save Time?

Ridiculous or not, some of us use more extreme ways to save time. We've collected various time saving techniques that fewer people have the courage to apply.

We tried to cut the extreme ridiculousness. There was an assumption that less people will be interested in hiring an assistant to do their make up while sleeping or teach people how to poop like a samurai.

Does it sound disappointing?

If not, keep reading.

Less hair = more time


A fantastic answer we got was from Raphaela Brandner ( @RaphieBr).

One of her friends (a male) suggested her shaving her head, like Britney once did. She would spend less time on shampooing and hair styling this way.


Another guy suggested that purchasing a clipper online for about $17 will save time and money by not having to visit a barber. Giving yourself buzz cut is extremely quick and also eliminates the obligation to style your hair.

Drinking Coffee In The Shower

Yes, some people really tried it and had success. Read a whole ode to drinking coffee in the shower.

Others combine the coffee with tooth brushing and shaving as a regular morning routine. Hint: do it after you lather for task-overlapping in-between rinsing.

Now, let's take care of the laundry.

No laundry

What if you didn't have to use the laundry anymore? Imagine how much time you'll save if you just buy a bunch of new clothes once a year and you never wash something already worn. Buy a number of the same clothes and you'll save over  3 days per year in clothing.

Normcore ImageNormcore Image

Less sleep = more time to live

Adam Merberg ( @adammerberg), a math guy shared an innovative way to sleep less:

He went through a phase where he would sleep on the floor next to his bed to save time. He reasoned that the floor was less comfortable than the bed, so he was less likely to oversleep there.

Hacking Homeware Stuff

Like using foil on the dishes to avoid washing them or buying curtains to avoid cleaning windows.

Also, instead of cleaning the whole house, covering some stuff that collects a lot of dust will cut from your cleaning time (learned from  Black Books, and hinted by Alina).

Food Shortcuts

The easiest one - skip breakfast. Not possible for you?

Here's something smarter from  Zachary Conley:

"Buy a huge bag of rice, a huge bag of frozen vegetables, and an automatic rice cooker for any meal you eat at home.

If you're quick, it takes seconds to retrieve and insert rice/vegetables/water into and press an activation button on the cooker.

To save the time it would take to shop for these, buy it all online."

Getting Rid of Telemarketers

The absolute winner on dealing with telemarketers we found was from Seinfield. Learn from the 9 seconds long video below:

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Throwing down the gauntlet

What's the most ridiculous time saving routine you've ever heard of?

We created this content using  people's answers on Quora.

We encourage you to take part in the discussion in the comments below.