Get dressed for 2 mins, save 3 days a year: The normcore style
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Saving 3 Days A Year, By Taking 2 Mins To Get Dressed – The Normcore Way!

If you know Swipes, you know we are beyond passionate about productivity and time management. Our latest office experiment was born out of a casual discussion on how much time each of us “wastes” on daily routine tasks (preparing food, drying hair, etc.). The tediousness of repetitive must-do activities that don’t contribute to our inspirations or workflow are such a bore! That’s how we accidentally fell into normcore.

Here’s the story of how we twisted the normcore time-saving principle & applied it in Swipes

Since probably most of you by now are wondering what “normcore” is, let us elaborate. Earlier in 2014 #normcore blew up the internet and the fashion industry. Essentially, it’s the practice of wearing bland 90’s style, white-socks and dad-jeans-like combos in an effort to stand out through simplicity. And before you label us out of our minds, remember the iconic black turtle-neck and jeans attire of Steve Jobs? Besides branding an iconic and recognisable look, Jobs had a much more functional purpose behind his fashion choices. We've came to the conclusion that switching to normcore saves you more than 3 days per year.

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You save time by eliminating the process of choosing what to wear in a given day, and only spending the time it takes you to put your clothes on.

So how do you save time by switching to normcore style?

Let's assume 15 mins is the average time for choosing the clothes for the day, from imagining the possible combinations, to trying out different pieces, etc. Switching to normcore reduces that time to whopping 2 minutes, resulting in 13 minutes saved every day, or 4745 mins (13 x 365 days in the year), a little over 79 hours.

The problem with this philosophy however, is that it assumes everyone will buy 100 pieces of the same red trousers and blue t-shirt, which wasn’t welcomed by most members of our team (especially the girls and our designer! ;)). That's why we came up with a custom solution on how to integrate the normcore methodology within our daily routines and in our Swipes tasks.

How to stick to a normcore routine with Swipes?

It’s simple. The key to normcore is to minimize mundane decision making processes, so you can focus on what’s truly important – achieving your daily goals. It’s often neglected, but taking decisions, such as what to have for breakfast, or what to wear in the morning, requires time. And if you’re a perfectionist like us, this can truly eat off significant chunks of your day. That’s why we came up with some examples on how to integrate the normcore philosophy in our daily routines.

  • Picking clothes in the morning VS Deciding on what clothes you’ll wear in the night before and lay them out;
  • Deciding what you want for (and preparing) breakfast in the morning VS Preparing your breakfast the night before, or at least deciding what you’ll eat for breakfast before bedtime;
  • Putting together your work/gym bag before you leave the house VS Preparing your bag and setting it by the door from the night before;

How to transform these ideas into a daily routine? That’s the hardest part, but have no fear, because that’s where the power of Swipes comes in.

Launch your Swipes App (download here if needed), hit a new task and add a couple of things tonight to test in out. Set the tasks as recurring: “Repeat every… day”. If you want, you can use a “Daily routine” tag to separate them from your other tasks. In a few easy steps you’ll be on your way to becoming a normcore Jedi.

Swipes Web App Tasks ImageSwipes Web App Tasks Image

So far, our experiment has been quite successful, with roughly 2.5 hours in total, saved each day by our team! Time, which we can now dedicate on making Swipes, eating chocolate, napping and telling you all about it in posts like this one. ;)

By the way, talking about normcore, last week Karl Lagerfeld said that only best dressed employees should receive. What's your opinion on that statement?

To sparkle up an interesting discussion here, let me kick it off with the following questions for you:

Can someone with normcore style qualify for these benefits? Would you sacrifice wearing your best pieces from the wardrobe to save whole 3 days a year?

Let us know in the comments below. Share your opinion. And if you know any normcore fans or opponents, make sure you pass this discussion on.