Getting started with the Workspace

Getting started with the Workspace

Simple collaboration for teams

The Workspace is a shared place for your team to plan, discuss and take action on the work ahead.

Here you can watch a 1-min video to learn the basics of the Workspace and see how it can help your team work as one. Our Chief Creative, Stefan, will quickly walk you through the main functions of the product. He will show you what you can expect from Workspace and how it can be a useful tool for you team.

If you prefer reading through the material, here it is:

You don't need to be a big team to do big things. Exceptional things happen when few people work as one. And it's easy to work together when you share a common goal and space. To have one place to plan, discuss and take action on what's imporant. So you can make consistent progress that adds up to big results.

The Basics of the WorkspaceThe Basics of the Workspace

The Workspace is such a space. It's the place where decisions are made, work is delivered and victories celebrated. It almost feels like an extension of your office.

Achieved GoalAchieved Goal

You can create simple, easy to follow plans that make work days less stressful. See what the priorities are for the week ahead and make things happen. Share new ideas, exchange feedback and take discussions that stay on topic. All from one place.

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