How to Make Your Startup Rock at Events

How to Make Your Startup Rock at Events

How to Make Your Startup Rock at Events

About a century ago, Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr had an argument.

Einstein was making fun of Bohr for genuinely thinking that the moon does not exist if nobody is looking at it.

Bohr, however, gave as good as he got. He challenged Einstein that he could not prove that it does exist, even if he tried.

The two big brains thus reached an infallible conjecture that cannot be proved or disproved.

In the case of startups, there is no dilemma about that, though. We’re pretty sure that if you don’t get enough attention towards your work, however brilliant it is, it might end up not existing for the rest of the world.

We know how busy and short-sighted one might get when working on a great idea relentlessly, but getting out there, socializing and telling your story to the world at industry events is ever so important.

Plus, knowledge-sharing is one of the greatest way to give back to the startup ecosystem, and we all know that paying it forward does miracles.

Swipes on the road

In the last months here at Swipes we had plenty of opportunities to take part in awesome events around the globe. We’d like to share them with you to get you inspired for your next participation at a local or international conference - so you get the visibility and networking opportunities your startup deserves.

We already told you about our 3 Key Takeaways from Networking at TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 this September in San Francisco. In the meantime, our Chief Creative Stefan hopped to Munich to speak at Push.Conference 2015.

We hosted a bunch of people in our headquarters in Sofia for the Startup Safary just last week. And let’s not forget that both Kasper, our CEO, and charming Yana, COO, spoke at the StartUp Next 2015 Conference in Sofia.

To give you an idea what to expect from such events, and how to make your startup rock at them, let’s see what opportunities lie there.

Push.Conference 2015

Photo: Push Conference 2015 Attending events is fun and beneficial for sure - but speaking at them and positioning your team members as experts in the field is ten times better.

To spread the love of design and Swipes’ experience and knowledge, our Chief Creative Stefan Vladimirov spoke at Push.Conference in Munich.

The event is a truly exciting one for the UX and design sphere, focusing on creative technology and fostering exchange of knowhow.

Stefan shared his thoughts on creating a coherent brand and UX for a startup, not forgetting to start with an awkward icebreaking joke (we’re not sure if people got it, but it was fun)

Quick snapshot: Get out there are talk about the things you’re passionate about. People value genuinity and the wish to share your learnings.

Startup Safary Sofia

Next on the agenda: welcoming a bunch of startup enthusiasts in our headquarters during the Startup Safary in Sofia. The initiative is a truly exciting one and is running in different cities all around the world.

The concept is simple. A number of startups open up their offices to welcome the Safary visitors - potential hires, friends and investors, telling them more about their company over a cup of coffee and sweets.

What started off as a hectic day in the office for the Swipes team was followed by our COO Yana Vlatchkova’s inspiring presentation about creating happiness at work.

It eventually turned into an engaging discussion about the startup life and the challenges that budding companies have to overcome, with more than 20 guests in our humble workspace who had numerous questions for us. We got together, got to know each other and, of course, to show off a bit of the Swipes crazy hype.

Quick snapshot: Opening your second home to a group of strangers might be strange at first, but people are truly interested in seeing how your company functions. Let them in and show them your way of doing things because it might be just the little push they need for their own endeavor.

StartUp Next 2015

The last of the series of events for Swipes these months was StartUp Next 2015, one of the leading startup events in Bulgaria.

We had a triple course there. Stefan was the co-host of the conference, guiding and entertaining the audience for whole two days, and both Kasper and Yana shared insights from our work in their talks.

Kasper naturally spoke about his deep understanding of what he knows best: navigating the business in the sea of market opportunities, extracting the best of the situations that will make you or break you.

Yana’s presentation was focused on the other side of the coin: reinventing company culture by switching from the Bulgarian greeting ‘easy work’ (лека работа) to the Danish one - ‘work joy’ (arbejdsglæde), ultimately bringing more meaning - and happiness -  into work.

Quick snapshot: Once again, speaking at events is not about making a fool of yourself, but about sharing your own knowledge and experience with the world.

So, what do you say: does the moon exist if there is nobody to look at it?

If Niels Bohr couldn’t prove it, we sure can’t either, but we know that Einstein was also at a loss there. Events are not an end goal in themselves, yet they are good marketing and networking channels for your startup, as well as a great opportunity to spread the love.

What’s your major takeaway from rocking at industry events? Sharing is caring!