Swipes Update #1. Find everything you need

Swipes Update #1. Find everything you need

Swipes beta update #1

Find everything you need

It's been a few weeks since we opened access to the Workspace. And we are saying "G'day" to our first happy customers. The product is still in its early days. So please keep sending your feedback and ideas. We take them to heart and work tirelessly to improve things. You will see a good chunk of improvements every week. So to keep you updated, we are doing weekly blog post throughout the beta period.

This week we focused on fixes and improvements.

Urgent fixes

We fixed a bug where the mobile app was crashing when a user goes to the profile section. Even though there is nothing useful there yet we decided to fix that issue so now finally you can enjoy that part of the app.

What's new?

Renaming the main sections in the Swipes Workspace

With the new version the first thing you will probably notice is that we renamed the main sections from Milestones, Goals and Messages to Plan, Take action and Discuss. We think of our products as designing an experience for your team and we lay into them a new mindset and a productivity philosophy that feels natural and intuitive.

Thus, we changed the section names to be verbs that naturally reflect the intent of them and what the team does on a regular basis. Milestones, Goals and Steps still remain the core elements in the product but we are simply focusing the sections to plan (milestones - projects, updates, client work), take action (on my things, the goals that are on my plate), discuss (things with my team). We are still experimenting with wording and labels and we would love to hear what you think about that change!


Now you can also look up information in goal titles, step titles and attachment titles. It makes it easier to find goals that you remember the name of but don't know when it was done and in which Milestone. You can try the search field in the 'Search' tab under the 'Take action' section.

Seen by

Every time we reach out to a teammate, an immediate important question arises - Did my teammate see my message? To keep the worries down and make it easy to be in the loop, we added a simple 'seen by' feature.

To check this, you can go to your sent messages in the 'Discuss' section and you will be able to see the smiley faces of your teammates who have seen your message. :)

Happy state of completing a step

By now, you've probably already figured out that the awesome gradient of the workspace is following you through the day and changing colors according to the sunrise-sunset schedule. Tip: If you start seeing the purple & dark blue colors, you've probably spent too long in the office. ;)

But what happens when you complete a step? See for yourself. No, even better - try it!

Easier way of adding a milestone

Also, we made it easier to add Milestones and get started. It's a big button you can't miss. ;)

Other improvements:

  • The first time when you load the desktop app it will open in fullscreen. Swipes is very good at small sizes but we want our users to have the best possible experience from the start.
  • We removed the default note which comes with every goal. We felt it's more annoying than useful. What do you think?
  • We have an awesome built-in browser experience! But still, sometimes we open things in our external browser and when we do that we don't have the intention to view this page later in Swipes. So now we close the built-in browser when the user wants to open the page outside of Swipes. We hope this will lead to much better experience.
  • Closed milestones are now ordered by last closed

Bug fixes:

  • We fixed a bug when 'Loading a way' in a completed goal does not change the status of the goal to incomplete. We are a productivity tool after all but completing users' goals on our own is an advanced field of science that for now we are not gonna take part of. ;)
  • We fixed a bug where we didn't update the list of goals in a milestone when moving a goal to another milestone.
  • We made organization changes like promoting a user to admin to be synced across devices.
  • We fixed a bug where sometimes the globe icon will open a wrong URL in your external browser.
  • We fixed a bug where closing the milestone will remove the completed goals from it.

What's next?

We are traveling back to Europe this week so we will be a little bit busy with moving to a new place. But this does not mean that we are going to stop improving the workspace! So feel free to share with us your experience with Swipes so far and how it could be even better! Of course, we have some awesome things planned for the product but I can't say more right now because I can get in trouble!

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