Getting Started with Swipes for Android

Getting Started with Swipes for Android

Swipes for Android

On the 15th of March, this year we released Swipes for Android devices.

Swipes is a To-Do list application, which enables users to collect all their tasks into one place, review them and work on priorities one at a time. The combination of gestures with powerful features like scheduling, filtering and tags, provides users with a productivity tool that is both flexible and adaptive to their current workflow.

Swipes makes the process of setting up priorities, projects and deadlines extremely easy and fast. The simplistic and clear design of the app focuses your attention on daily planning and getting tasks done.

It's a productivity tool that is both flexible and adaptive to your workflow and through the combination of gestures with powerful features like scheduling, filtering and tagging, you will find yourself in full control over all your tasks.

Getting started with Swipes for Android

The basic idea behind Swipes is to organize your to-dos in three major tabs : Later, Now and Done. After a new task has been created it is automatically assigned to the tab with tasks for Now. The user can then decide if this is a priority task that needs to be done now, a task that is already completed and it can be swiped to the right or a task that needs to be scheduled for later by swiping it to the left.

Collect, Organize, Take action

The innovative approach of Swipes lies upon one general principle: Focus on the priority tasks now, snooze the rest for later. This workflow is designed so that instead of being overburdened by a long list of tasks users commit to just a few things at a time. With the snooze function in Swipes you need not worry about a task until it’s time to take an action on it. When the time comes, you will be reminded about it with a notification. In the Now section you leave the current task at hand and focus on getting it done. This process of work gives you the mindset to always prioritise your tasks and make most out of your time.

The Basics

Swipes Android tabs blog imageSwipes Android tabs blog image

In order to make most out of working in Swipes, you should realize that the Now tab , is not just a list of all assignments scheduled for a current date, but more of a focus zone , where your attention should be directed to at the moment. In a sense, this is the place where only tasks requiring your immediate attention are placed. The Scheduled tab , on the other hand, is the review panel of all those commitments, which are not due yet. It includes entries from both the current date and the future. They can be further modified for the appropriate time and will pop up into the Current tab as soon as they become due.

Here are some of the integral features of Swipes to get you started and help you along the way of setting up your workflow.

Adding and editing tasks

To add a task, tap on the plus icon. As soon as the task is created tap on it again to edit it.

Swipes Android Screenshot Add tasks imageSwipes Android Screenshot Add tasks image
Scheduling tasks (Snoozing and Completing)

When you need to take action on a task at a later time, snooze it by Swiping it to the left. If you would like to set up a specific time that the task should come to your attention, long press on a snooze option to open the Time Picker.

Swipes Android Screenshot Snooze tasks imageSwipes Android Screenshot Snooze tasks imageSwipes Android Screenshot Timepicker imageSwipes Android Screenshot Timepicker image
Important tasks

Some tasks are more important than other. Mark tasks as important by tapping on the small dot next to it. The small circle around it signifies that it is important.

Swipes Android Screenshot important tasks imageSwipes Android Screenshot important tasks image
Tagging and workspaces

Assign tags to tasks from the edit task option. Afterwards you can focus on tasks marked with the same tag by opening up Settings>Workspaces. Only tasks with the chosen tag will be available in the Now tab.

Swipes Android Screenshot taging 1 imageSwipes Android Screenshot taging 1 imageSwipes Android Screenshot tagging 2 imageSwipes Android Screenshot tagging 2 image
Action steps

Add action steps to tasks, which have multiple steps to complete.

Swipes Android Screenshotaction steps imageSwipes Android Screenshotaction steps image

These are the basic features required to get started with Swipes.

Learn all about the powerful features that Swipes for Android has to offer here.