What If We Told You Swipes Isn't Just a To-Do List App?

What If We Told You Swipes Isn't Just a To-Do List App?

Your days are hectic and the lists of tasks seems endless. Whether you just have a busy period or you’ve chosen a super-active lifestyle, getting things done is essential for you.

But do you know what really makes you feel accomplished?

Happiness hides in those moments of sheer clarity when you’re working on a single task and seeing it move from idea through project to completion.

Any task management app can do the job of keeping your work organized. But can it also make you achieve the mystical, fulfilling and highly productive flow when you’re one with your current activity?  

Why you need the flow

The mental state of flow is the space where great ideas are born - and brought to life.

The flow can be described as a zone in which you’re focused on a single activity, being fully connected with it, while also feeling energized and creative. According to Dr. Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, the awesome guy who nailed the term, flow is a state of completely focused motivation.

It’s the moment where all your emotions and thoughts are under control and their energy is channeled into completing the task that you’re doing right now. The activity and your awareness blend into one, allowing you to forget about yourself and transcend distractions, be it external or internal.

Besides bringing increased productivity, the flow state is known by many as the most joyful place to be in your head. It’s highly mentally and emotionally rewarding, giving you a sense of accomplishment, enthusiasm, joy, relaxation and confidence.

Need to get something done? Try the flow. Need to forget about your worries? Do the same.

How Swipes gets you there

So if you’re still wondering why Swipes isn’t just a to-do list app, here it is. Swipes consists of three important components.

Yes, there is the app. It’s the powerful tool that lets you collect, organize and take action on your priorities.

But there is also the mindset behind, the Swipes Way , that leads the design and development of the app. By allowing you to store - but out of sight - all of your tasks, It gives you the mind space to focus on a single, important job right NOW. You reap the power of the moment by immersing yourself in one activity.

And then, let’s not forget the Swipes community that is steadily growing. These are the people who have made small steps - giant leaps for all of us - to achieving better productivity through creative flow. And they’re happy to share how.

The Swipes Way

The methodology behind Swipes is based on three simple, but powerful stages that we already mentioned: Collect. Organize. Take action.

Instead of keeping your tasks in five different places, you streamline them into the app from your email, notes and calendars. You organize them by setting dates and times when they need to be completed.

Within the app itself, you have a timeline of all your tasks. In the left tab, you have all your upcoming tasks that you’ve snoozed for later. In the right tab go all the tasks that you’ve completed. Both tabs are something you shouldn’t worry about in the moment.

And then you have the central tab of now. This is where your priority task that needs to get done now appears. And this is the starting point for your flow.

Wanna try?

Don’t you just love the flow? If so, make sure to explore the ways in which Swipes can get you there. Get it today on your Android, iOS, web or Mac device. And start flowing!