Swipes launches for Android: An Overview of the popular productivity app

Swipes launches for Android: An Overview of the popular productivity app

Edited, March 15: Swipes is already available for download in Google Play Store

We are very excited to announce that Swipes is out for Android OS, starting March 15th, with a Final Beta available now.

The award-winning task manager, recognized as Best New Startup of 2014 by Evernote, is expanding into the Android community, with the promise to help high achievers on their road to success.

For those of you, who are stumbling upon Swipes for the first time, we would like to say:

Get ready to stop stressing out, staring at that huge list of tasks, and focus on the ones that require your immediate attention. Based on gestures and smart integrations, the app gives you the fastest way to organize your long list of commitments into priorities, scheduled events and completed tasks.

At Swipes, we work on translating proven productivity concepts (GTD, Inbox Zero) into intuitive design, providing our users with the opportunity to learn how to organize their time more efficiently without even consciously thinking about it.

Swipes on Android

Swipes To-do app for Android image landscapeSwipes To-do app for Android image landscape

Swipes is now coming out for Android phones and tablets. We granted early access to test the beta with over 3,500 productivity enthusiasts and we are now ready to launch the Final Beta to the wide public. Here at Swipes, we are not fond of compromises on quality and Swipes for Android sticks to that principle.

The whole new Swipes features a unique, Android optimized experience, building upon the platform’s conventions and making the most of its powerful features. - Kasper Pihl Tornøe, CEO and Founder of Swipes

On top of that, thanks to the true material design, following the new wave of Google’s guidelines, users will witness responsive animations and transitions, depth effects and much more.

What you can already experience in Swipes:

  • Plan your day on a timeline
  • Easily snooze tasks for later
  • Enter action steps to get you going
  • Track your progress during the day
  • Gesture based navigation

What is included in the new version:

  • Brand new design
  • Optimization for Tablet use (landscape mode with an overview of all scheduled, current and completed tasks)
  • Powerful selection - a feature allowing users to select items across sections in the app, so that you can manage or tag multiple tasks, regardless of them being scheduled, current or completed.
  • Collect content via share button - Users can add tasks to Swipes from any web content or their other apps (emails, web pages, Trello etc)
  • Hyperlinks in notes
  • Vibration option
  • New search/filters UI
  • UI performance improvements

Wow’ing experince via

Swipes To-do app for Android and Evernote imageSwipes To-do app for Android and Evernote image

Evernote Integration - Collect tasks from any of your personal, shared or business notes into a single timeline, where you can manage them all at the same time. Swipes helps you schedule, prioritize and complete your to-do's without having them scattered around various notebooks and notes.

Swipes To-do app for Android and tablet support imageSwipes To-do app for Android and tablet support image Multi-platform support Track your progress and priorities no matter where you are. All your devices are now linked so that you can add, schedule and complete tasks via your Android phone, tablet or browser.

Swipes To-do app for Android Content sharing imageSwipes To-do app for Android Content sharing image

Content sharing - Import web pages, articles and emails into Swipes with a click of a button. In the notes section of the task, there will be a hyperlink to the original source, as well as a brief summary. On top of that, we have included direct dial from notes.

What’s next

Want to test it out? Join our vigorous of like-minded Beta testers and get a hands-on experience with Swipes. We would love to hear what you have say in the comment section below or in the Google Plus Community.

  • How do you like Swipes for Android?
  • How does it fit into your workflow?
  • What's still missing in the Beta?

If you are excited to see Swipes on Android, please  spread the word.

Swipes is already available for download in Google Play Store