Sync Notes Into Your To-do app - The Power of Swipes with Evernote

Sync Notes Into Your To-do app - The Power of Swipes with Evernote

The News

We are happy to announce the major new release of Swipes app which gives you a whole new workflow between tasks and notes from Evernote. In the new update of Swipes, we've made tons of improvements that allow you to collect tasks from any personal, shared or business notes into a timeline where you can manage them all at once. With Swipes you can complete, schedule and prioritise your to-dos without ever worrying that you'll forget them in a monstrous pile of notes.

Swipes on a mission to de-clutter your workflow

We founded Swipes back in 2013 with the idea to deliver a productivity tool that is both functional, slick in its design and most importantly – clutter free!  Based on gestures and smart integrations, our app let’s you plan your day, schedule things ahead and work on the priorities. At Swipes, we work on translating proven productivity concepts ( GTD , Inbox Zero) into intuitive design thus you will easily learn how to organise your time more efficiently without even consciously thinking about it.

Not convinced by the power of Swipes yet? See what some of our users are saying about it.

I think Swipes should be the cornerstone of any person's system for leveraging their smartphone to facilitate success!" ~ Jeremy Squiers

I'm never behind! - I'm loving this app. I have tasks for today, and some for the future, but never a backlog of unfinished, overdue tasks piling up behind me. That difference in presentation provides a significant mental lift.” ~ User review on AppStore

I am really impressed with swipes... It fits my easy need for a quick todo based on GTD" ~  ~ Pere Martir Anton Maynade

What makes Swipes with Evernote so great?

Now, our passion for optimising productivity has led to the next step in our product growth – an easy-to-use integration with Evernote, the powerful note-collecting platform for personal and business use. Here we've created a quick video that walks you through the most efficient way of working with tasks and notes.

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Evernote, by its nature, is a workspace for the way we work today, collecting information across multiple devices and from just about anywhere in the world. Swipes, on the other hand, is the task management app that not only stores your tasks, but helps you prioritise them and break-down the important things into actionable steps. The blend of Swipes with Evernote gives you the possibility to not only collect the things that matter to you, but act on them.

Who’s the integration for?

There are virtually no limitations to how and why you can use this integration. From personal errands and shopping lists, to group tasks and business notes, the Evernote integration is here to increase your productivity flow so that you’d never have to drown in tasks again! But just to help you really dig into the advantages of using Swipes with Evernote, meet some of our current users:


Swipes with Evernote for Freelancers ImageSwipes with Evernote for Freelancers Image

Creatives from all around use Evernote on a daily basis, trusting the tool to keep track of current projects & have a unified knowledge center for both work and personal needs. With Evernote it’s easy to save inspiration from any website on the web and put down your next piece of writing.  With the Swipes-Evernote integration, all tasks from notes are automatically transferred into the timeline of Swipes along with your other to-dos and errands. For people who juggle multiple projects, this makes it easy to review the plan for the day and chose the priorities to start on. (Our Chief Creative at Swipes - Stefan has prepared a quick video for you on daily planning for creatives)

Project managers

Swipes Evernote Project Management ImageSwipes Evernote Project Management Image

When coordinating multiple projects at a time, it's important to have a clear plan for the day and a structure of the workflow. Evernote Business makes it easy to collectively communicate, assign priorities and tasks to each team member. To never get lost in the clutter of team communication and knowledge sharing, Swipes for Evernote Business helps transfer tasks into each persons' Swipes app from where they can review, complete and manage them. The dual integrations means that as a project manager you easily get update on what your team is up to by following on the note that automatically gets updated once a colleague has swiped a task away in their Swipes to-do app.


Entrepreneurs Use Swipes and Evernote ImageEntrepreneurs Use Swipes and Evernote Image

Any entrepreneur knows the difficulties of juggling multiple tasks at a time. Evernote can essentially become a virtual knowledge base of a company, keeping track of the important deadlines and sharing monthly reports to investors in just one click of a button. Combining Swipes and Evernote allows faster transfer of that knowledge into an action plan of what needs to be done and when. As an entrepreneur the real challenge is to utilise your time on the tasks that will accelerate your business faster and with the Swipes-Evernote integration you will have the full overview of all your commitments so you can make the right choice of priorities.  (Our Chief Creative at Swipes - Stefan has prepared  a quick video for you on) By now you're probably eager to get your hands on this package for productivity boost

So here's how you can get started

1. Activating your Evernote Integration on Swipes – To give this a go, simply open your Swipes app, go to Settings -> Integrations -> Link Evernote account. Integrate Swipes with Evernote Guide ImageIntegrate Swipes with Evernote Guide Image2. Transferring notes & tasks from Evernote to Swipes – When you create a new note in Evernote, the title of the note will become the task in Swipes. All checkmarks you add to that note will then automatically be synced as sub-tasks/ action steps into your Swipes task. To automatically transfer your note into Swipes, simply tag the note with “swipes” and viola!

And don’t worry, once you’ve swiped the task/ sub-tasks as completed, they won’t disappear from your Evernote, but they will simply get ticked as done in your checkboxes. Easy, right? Here's the step-by-step guide we put together for you on the 3 different ways you can sync task and notes from Evernote into Swipes.

What's next?

At Swipes, we will continue to build upon our vision for an integrated workflow between notes, tasks, emails and projects. In October, Evernote  awarded us "Best New Startup of 2014". This year we'll be launching the next big tool in productivity - turning emails into tasks with a simple swipe. If you love our mission and the work we're doing, please share the word with your friends and colleagues.

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