NEWS: Swipes to-do app is coming to all your devices

NEWS: Swipes to-do app is coming to all your devices

This March Swipes expands to 2 new platforms

On March 15th, we will be launching our to do list app on two new platforms: Android and Mac, as well as adding two integrations that will de-clutter your workflow Swipes with Gmail (iOS) and Swipes Chrome extension.

Android app

Swipes for Android has been in a secret BETA tested by over 3000 devoted fans. We're now preparing the final touches for the official launch. If you want to get your hands on the Beta and give us your valuable feedback on the final line, join us on

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Here's a teaser of what's upcoming in the BETA next week. Stay tuned for more news on Twitter.

Swipes To-do app for Android ImageSwipes To-do app for Android Image

About Swipes Mac app

To give you the speed of working on desktop we've build a dedicated Mac app. Swipes for Mac will work smoothly via keyboard shortcuts giving you the fastest way on desktop to organise a long list of to-dos into priorities, scheduled events and completed tasks.

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Swipes to-do app for Mac app ImageSwipes to-do app for Mac app Image


After our big success of integrating Swipes with Evernote, we've been on the search for the next integration that will give you a smarter interconnected workflow. We've heard from thousands of users about their pain of having their email inbox, cluttered with tasks.

Thus, we're excited to announce our next integration - Gmail! From March 15th and on, you'll be able to de-clutter your inbox and turn any email into a task with just a swipe. Swipes will be fully integrated with your favourite mail clients -  Mailbox, CloudMagic and the Gmail app. Stay tuned for more news next week.

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Chrome extension

We’re also launching Swipes Chrome extension which will allow you to collect tasks from any content on the web.

New supported languages

Also, a group of High Achievers from the Swipes community have been working on bringing Swipes to other like-minds by translating it. Swipes iOS app will be soon available in Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish and German.

It’s been a& hectic and exciting time, working on all these new products in Swipes. On March 15th we’ll bring worldwide the powerful workflow to create your best work.

What to do next?

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