Swipes Update #3: Plan. Take Action. Discuss.

Swipes Update #3: Plan. Take Action. Discuss.

Swipes beta update #3

Plan, take action and discuss a project from A to Z

It's September or as some of us call it - the small New Year. It's the best month for work and new projects. Long-forgotten resolutions or ambitious company plans, get revived now. A crazy kick of energy wakes us up after the summer slow downs and we start planning how to achieve all we wanted to from now 'til winter.

Thus this month, we updated the Workspace to make it yourΒ best companion in the process of getting a new project from A to Z.

Attention! This update might sweep you off your feet. So hold tight onto your chair and let's jump into exploring the newest and latest in the Workspace. 😊

What’s new?

Getting a project started

Remember when we introduced the sections - Plan, Take action and Discuss? Now we've improved them to do exactly as the titles promise - Plan the big picture, Take action on the important things and Discuss anything with your team.

Find everything


Search across milestones, goals, and posts:

We gave a lot of love to the search. With this update, we are moving this function to the main menu, so it's right there when you need it. You can find any information by a keyword. You can quickly scan through results by a type and find what you're looking for. The search is also very forgiving to fast-typers and spelling mistakes. It's a nice helpful fellow, I'm telling you! πŸ˜‰

Mention people in posts or comments


Now you can mention people on posts and comments. Just write @ when you're typing, write the name of the person and include them in the conversation. They will receive a notification and even better - if you mention someone in a comment they will automatically follow that post and receive notifications for it from now on.

Keep track of discussions

Under the Discussions in a goal, you can now see two tabs - "This context" and "Related". Let's say you only want to see the overall goal discussions for any progress updates or decisions - "This context" will show you these posts. "Related" on the other hand, will show only posts about the attachments in this goal. There you can dig into the details and catch-up on any deliveries.

Easy onboarding for new team members

We've improved the onboarding experience for new team members putting a lot of nice illustrations and text to help everyone get started.

Also, notice the new i-button everywhere? This is the place where you can receive more information about the purpose of a given section and what you can do there. It's the path to becoming a real Workspace expert! 😊

Wait! There is more!

Key Desktop app improvements

  • Attachments to comments on desktop You can now attach files, notes, and links to comments.
  • Assigning people to the whole goal, not steps Not always things have to be in steps. Now you can tackle a whole goal by assigning yourself to it. You can also assign others to follow the progress on a goal without them working on any of its steps.
  • Deleting milestones Now you can also delete a milestone. After this hectic summer, they started piling up too much!
  • Improved speed for organizations with lot of posts, milestones , and goals Everything is smooth again!
  • Easy start for new organizations For new organizations, we also prepared example content so they can start exploring the workspace out of the box and get a feeling of it.


  • Adding milestones, goals , and steps Even more, things that you can do on the go!
  • Auto-scrolling when you send a comment on mobile Because you deserve to see what you just wrote! πŸ˜€
  • And something small but we care about these details If you tap on the post you are going to see... the post but if you tap to see the comments we are going to scroll down for you to the last comment.

And there is more

No, I'm joking! No more for now. It's time for me to stop distracting you and let you try this for yourself.

Start September with a good plan, align the whole team on the objectives and see the results coming in.

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