Mission: Tasks were just the beginning

Mission: Tasks were just the beginning

Swipes Mission: Tasks were just the beginning

Three years ago we started Swipes with the mission to help people achieve more in their day. We created a simple and easy way for everyone to collect, organize and take action on their goals.

In time, our task list won over the hearts of people and became an indispensable part of their daily routine. We grew to the top of the charts for productivity apps. We won  Best New Startup by Evernote in 2014 and were nominated for a Webby Award for  World's #3. These deserve some big high fives! Swipes App Achievements Mission ImageSwipes App Achievements Mission ImageBut looking for the way forward, it has been most inspiring for us to see the thousands of requests you sent us to bring Swipes to your teams. We even had a team already joining in and everyone using the app with one login.

(Now that's some serious hacking!)

This grew strong on us! Now we are rolling our sleeves up to battle some of the  fundamental problems of collaboration with the work tools today. Think of the way you and your team work. Picture all of the apps your team is using in a day. They are silos of information, the very same information you need to do your work better - emails, notes, chat messages, tasks, etc. They are pieces, disconnected from one another and you and your team are wasting time to stitch them all together so you can move work forward. This is about to change!

With the new Swipes, we are creating a connected space for your team that will dynamically evolve to your context of work. We are connecting your existing work apps - email, chat, tasks, calendar and notes, into a single place where you can easily collaborate across teams, tools and context.

Thanks for being part of the journey! Tasks were just the beginning... 

What's next?

We are selecting 20 teams who will be part of the early version of the product. Currently, we’ve connected Slack and Asana in one workspace, making collaboration on discussions and actions easier. If you are using Slack and Asana with your team and be the first to try things out , send us an email on support@swipesapp.com with headline "Request Demo of Swipes Workspaces"

What about Swipes Personal?

Swipes Personal is an important part of the connected workspace we are building. We are committed to bringing our simple and intuitive experience of handling tasks into the new product and expanding it into collaboration with others. Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to use the Swipes Personal apps as they are.