Do Not Try These 3 Productivity Hacks
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Do Not Try These 3 Productivity Hacks

(Non) Productivity Tips

If you've binge-watched the whole Productivity & Leadership category of Ted Talks (or at least bookmarked it), if you're frantically refreshing Gary Vaynerchuk's blog on an hourly basis (or at least his Twitter) but you're still hungry for more tips and tricks to make the most out of your time, read on. This article is for you! 3 ideas no one thought about before but would surely supercharge your productivity!

A glass of water a day eats your time away

Some genius ideas are often the most simple ones. The doctors and your mom always told you to drink 2l of water a day. But have they thought about how time-consuming this activity is - filling in water, drinking it just so it's empty again and then filling it in again. Come on! There's got to be a better way! And there is - cut out all these water breaks from your schedule and gain back this time for your productive activities.

Also this way you'll sit longer on your desk and stay away from wasteful chats with the colleagues. Who cares that Jim just got a kid? There's Instagram for that! Read our next article on how to automate your likes and comments on Instagram. 🧐

Up your reading game while sleeping

There is 4 Hour Work Week, there is Getting Things Done, there is Do More Faster and a good million of other best-selling books. They ain't gonna read themselves. Here is a brilliant way to up your reading game and catch up on some of the titles:

Install a Kindle Paperwhite (not the cheap version without lights, OK?) on your ceiling right above your pillow. This way every time you are turning around, switching sides and moving around, you can glance through some words and make progress. It might seem like an insignificant gain at first but these are 10 words per night. With an average lifetime of 25,915 nights, you'd end up reading more than 250,000 words this way or 4-5 books (Not Tool of Titans size of books 😳📕). Kaboom! You've outsmarted all your peers and they didn't see it (pun intended) coming!

Have your baby grown for you

Next on! With so much freed up time on your hands, you might start thinking about getting children and investing some time in your family. That is a great idea! But it comes at a high investment of months of productivity loss per baby! Yes, daddies included. They also have to go to medical checks and waste valuable hours in waiting for this baby kick that’s gonna happen any minute now…yeah, still waiting.

Do not worry anymore! TG technology is here to save us yet again and automate the process for us. You can now get an external womb to grow your baby so you waste 0 time in doing it yourself! Yes, the tech still costs millions but if you’d apply our tip 1, you’d surely have no problem with that.

Take these tips with a grain of skepticism and a spoon of humor. :P

What's the most ridicilous life hack you can think 🤔 of? Give your best in the comments below! We will feature the best answers in the next article! 😆🙃🤪