Turn Emails into tasks with the Gmail Integration by Swipes

Turn Emails into tasks with the Gmail Integration by Swipes

De-clutter your inbox from tasks

Earlier this month we shared with you  7 tips how to de-clutter your mailbox and increase productivity, now we’re launching the most powerful feature that will help you achieve that - Swipes' full integration with Gmail ( iOS only at first, Android will follow up) . And the best of all - it comes with a fully-optimized workflow for your favorite email clients - Mailbox and CloudMagic.

Swipes for email works like magic and this is the effect that you can expect:

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Why? Get a Better Workflow for Email and Tasks

Nowadays, we often use email to set up meetings and organize projects. This process could involve a very long correspondence between the parties and as these messages are delivered to our Inbox, they could be easily overlooked, due to the huge amount of information which is already present there. Even if this is not the case, having a lot of tasks scattered across your mailbox requires the appropriate organization technique and that's where Swipes' Gmail integration comes into play.

hightlight It will allow you to easily turn any email into a task, that can be scheduled, prioritized and completed along with your other to-dos for the day.

Our Inbox is filled daily with a number of emails, ranging from single digits to over a hundred, which do not require further actions to be taken at this moment. With this new feature you can choose which messages require a follow-up and when, so that in the long run you don't have to roll back and browse for old emails, but rather be notified at the predesignated time.

How does it work?

Swipes gmail mailbox integration steps imageSwipes gmail mailbox integration steps image
  • Link your Swipes with your Gmail, which will automatically create an "Add to Swipes" folder;
  • Choose an email and move it to the folder “Add to Swipes”, the email will convert into a task in Swipes;
  • Open your Swipes and review the new task compared to your other priorities ( Here's how you can plan your day with Swipes)
  • Complete or schedule it for later. Achieve your goals the Swipes Way. ( Here's how you can snooze & schedule tasks in Swipes)

How can I get it?

100 limited spots for Mailbox users! TAKEN!

Yesterday we launched a campaign for our Swipes-Mailbox users. We were humbled by the overwhelming interest! We've now filled in all spots for the BETA for Mailbox. Thank you to all testers! If you didn't get your spot, please stay tuned for the official release on this  March.

100 limited spots for Gmail users! TAKEN!

The email integration of Swipes is already available in a final Closed Beta, with an official launch to all users this  March. There are only 100 spots available for our Gmail users to try the Beta already NOW , given on a first come first serve basis. If you want to get your hands on the newest integration by Swipes, _ claim your spot by tweeting this message to us _and leave us a comment in the section below.  If you didn’t get your spot, please stay tuned for the official release this  March.

Update is Released!

After some technical challenges, we've released the update. Here you can find a set of FAQs on how to make most out of Swipes-Email integration.

Swipes and Gmail integration Email ImageSwipes and Gmail integration Email Image