Work with your team on the go

Work with your team on the go

Early release on mobile

The workspace is now available on mobile – Android and iOS, so you can complete work and communicate with your team on the go. This update is only available to the current Swipes Workspace customers.

The mobile app is a companion of the desktop product and still offers a limited set of features. However, you can view and respond to all information on the go.

Here are the main things you can do:

  • You get push notifications for any messages, status updates or requests
  • You can see milestones, goals, notes and messages.
  • You can complete and uncomplete steps.
  • You can reply to all messages, updates and requests.
  • You can send messages and make requests for update, feedback, assets or decision
  • You can take and upload photos to goals
  • You can open preview any attached files/ images/ pdfs/ notes/ links

This is the first release of our mobile app and we will be making frequent updates to add new functionality. Please, let us know about your experience, any bugs or hiccups on: help at, so we can make things better.

How to install on iOS?

it takes 2 min.

  • Send your email to yana at
  • You’ll receive an invitation email from Test Flight
  • Accept invitation on your iOS device > Follow instruction steps from there + save invitation code
  • Install Test Flight app > Redeem invitation code
  • Install the Swipes Workspace iOS app

How to install on Android?

It takes 1 min.

We will send you an email with the direct link to download the app from.

What is the Swipes Workspace?

In the Swipes Workspace teams get a single space where they can initiate and work on goals. People can see what to do next, pass on work to one another, get feedback and see how their part adds up to the team effort.

As a result communication, tasks and files are no longer separated from each other and people don’t need to jump across multiple tools.

Watch this short video to learn the Swipes Workspace basics and how it can help you stay aligned with your team: