Swipes beta update #4: A breeze of love. On mobile.

Swipes beta update #4: A breeze of love. On mobile.

Better team communication on mobile and more.

Swipes beta update #4

Better team communication on mobile and more.

Hello our dear teams, it's time for the new update. ๐Ÿ˜Š

These past weeks we focused on improving the flow in the mobile app so it's faster to find information and talk with your team. We geeked out on tons of details I'll not bother you with, but you'd certainly feel their impact in the experience.

So let's go through the main improvements for desktop and mobile.

Whatโ€™s new?

Renaming of Milestones to Plans

As you know, in the Workspace, we design a mindset for teamwork, built on shared goals, clear responsibilities, and togetherness. But since the early days, we've battled with the wording of a Milestone as the biggest endeavor in the team. Yeah, tons of confusion there!๐Ÿค”

But renaming wasn't easy - objective sounded stiff, a project was too concrete etc. Until 2 weeks ago, when one of our customers - Ken from the wonderful Tri-Eagle Sales team said - it's simple, in the Plan section, you are making Plans. ๐Ÿคฆโ€ Business plans, launch plans, sales plans, weekly plans, event plans etc. Suddenly, it all made sense. Thus, we've renamed the Milestones in the product to Plans.

The hierarchy remains the same - You create a Plan and add Goals to it for everything the team needs to do.

Reordering of Goals in a Plan (desktop only)

Next up, we got a little tired of always thinking how to add the goals so they're in the right order. So we fixed this.ย You can now hold down the mouse on a goal to drag & drop it in the order you want. It makes it easier to create a Plan with the right sequence of things to be done...but you can still change it as you go. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Better design for mobile

Ok, being fully operational on mobile, it's pretty epic. So we got the mobile apps to be a proud companion to the desktop app with a new improved design. All information is more readable.

  • Better team communication The Discuss experience is also completely reworked. That's the most visible change for this update. You can see comments show up in nice bubbles. It's a faster & nicer experience to create posts and reply to people. You can even send selfies (or important images) to respond to comments.
  • New designs Adding steps is with a new design. There is also a Plan overview with taps for This week's goals, later goals (still coming up) and completed.

New functionalities for mobile

  • Goals without plans Not everything needs to be planned. We can go freestyle.๐Ÿ•บย Now you can seeย Goals without a plan on mobile as well. You can take an action and complete them on the go.
  • New sections We've also added two new sections to the mobile apps - Updates and Search. In Search, you can look up information in plans, goals & discussions by a keyword. And in Updates, you'll get notifications about the newest releases to the Workspace on mobile. We've added this section because we are rigorously reworking the product to improve the experience, and you should always have an access to the latest best. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Feel the love (desktop only)

As you've seen, the gradient of the Workspace follows you throughout the day. It also lights up bright green when you achieve a step and a goal. Now we also taught it to share more love. ๐Ÿ˜‰ โค๏ธ

Like a post or a comment to see it for yourself. Warning: it makes it hard not to like everything!

Whatโ€™s next

Check the new update on your desktop and mobile and tell us how you like it!

After months in closed beta, we are preparing for the official launch of the Workspace. We are spending the next weeks finishing up details and publishing the apps to Mac Store, App Store and Google Play. That means it will be easier for you to access the mobile apps than currently (and you can brag to all your friends that your team was a trendsetter and used it first ๐Ÿ˜œ).

We are really excited about the weeks ahead! Send us any of your thoughts, feedback or comments so far. Looking forward to hearing it all!