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Can I attach a file in a chat?

To attach a file in a chat use the paper clip icon next to your typing field. You can choose between three different formats: file, note or URL.

  1. File from a computer: You can select any type of file and format and add it to your conversation. Keep in mind that bigger files, such as videos may take longer time to load.

  2. Note: To add a note which is redactable directly from the app, use the note option. Once you select it, you will be asked to name it. Then it will appear attached in the bottom of your input field. You can directly click on it to add the information you want, or you can publish it and add the text later.

Pro Tip – Once you are in the note you can go back to the chat by clicking on the chat in the bottom left corner of the card. 3. URL: Simply paste the URL link you want to attach in the empty box. When using this option, a link you share will be clickable directly from the chat, and it will be visible under See Attachments filter. You can also directly paste a URL-link, but it won't be visible when the 'See attachments' option is selected.