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How to navigate through Chat

'Chat' is the place where you can talk with your team, vote on ideas or ask your questions. This small guide will help you explore all the features this section has to offer:

  1. Start a new chat – There are always things worth discussing with your team. To start a new topic, just click on the +, select your team and share your thoughts.
  2. Chats you follow – Not all team chats are equally important to you. Therefore, when you select 'Following', you will only see chats you are part of or that you follow.
  3. All other – In this section you will find the rest of the discussions of your team. Those are all other public chats, which you don’t follow. If there are secret conversations you are not part of, they won’t be visible to you even here.
  4. Chat overview – this is the list of all chats. Depending on which option you clicked on, you will either see all chats that you follow or the ones you do not.
  5. Chat details – Under the title of each chat, you will find the name of the team it belongs to and who is participating in it.
  6. Attachments filter – Ever wanted to find that one picture your colleague shared 2 days ago? 'See attachments' filters all messages that have attached files to it.
  7. Additional chat options – Use this section if you want to unfollow/follow a chat, rename or delete it.
  8. Comment options – if you hover over your own comments you will see three dots on your right side of the card. Select them if you want to edit or delete your comment.
  9. Like – this is the 'Like' button. It can be used to indicate you agree with a statement or to show appetition towards your colleagues, the choice is yours really.
  10. Attachments – You can easily add files to your comments by using this button. Files can be uploaded directly from your computer, or you can choose to share a note or a URL.
  11. GIF – Emotions are hard to put in words, therefore you can choose a GIF to display them. Just type in the action you want to express and select the most fitting image.
  12. Emojis – Use the button to add emojis to your text, while on desktop.