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What is the difference between Swipes for Teams and Swipes Workspace?

Swipes Workspace and Swipes for Teams might have the same goal - organizing team’s work, but they rely on different processes to achieve that.

To make your transition smoother, we listed down the most important differences between the two systems.

1. Labeling

The first difference you will spot right away is the naming of the labels. "Plan” in the Workspace is substituted with “Project” and the equivalent of “Take Action” is now called “Planning”. Because of upcoming improvements in the conversation section, we decided to name it “Chat” instead of the old “Discussions” to reflect its functionality better.

2. Organizing your projects

Work in the Workspace is organized in separate plans with different goals and tasks within each goal. Whereas, Swipes for Teams offers a simple tree structure that helps you visually break down the project into actionable steps without the unnecessary clicking around.

Swipes Workspace: Organizing projects in Swipes WorkspaceOrganizing projects in Swipes Workspace

Swipes for Teams: Organizing projects in Swipes for TeamsOrganizing projects in Swipes for Teams

3. Planning your work

Getting an overview of the things to be done for the week in the Workspace, was done by moving different steps from “Later” to “Now”. Yet this system had the big setback that you could never get a clear overview of what the whole team is doing. Swipes for Teams solves this problem by creating a common space - “Planning”, where everyone adds their weekly tasks for everyone to see. You can also easily filter out the tasks you have been assigned to for the week, which completely substitutes the “Take action” section of the Workspace.
Swipes Workspace:Planning work in Swipes WorkspacePlanning work in Swipes Workspace Swipes for Teams:Planning work in Swipes for TeamsPlanning work in Swipes for Teams

4. Attachments

Attachments in the conversations still work the same way, but there are some improvements in the task section. Whereas in Swipes Workspace files could only be attached to the whole goal, in Swipes for Teams you can attach files to a specific task as well.

Swipes Workspace:Attachments in Swipes WorkspaceAttachments in Swipes Workspace Swipes for Teams:Attachments in Swipes for TeamsAttachments in Swipes for Teams

5. Personal tasks and multiple teams

Swipes Workspace allows you to be part of only one team per account. This means that if you are part of multiple teams, you would need to sign in with a different account every time. Swipes for Teams accommodates multiple teams within one account so you don’t have to switch back and forth. Additionally, each account comes with a personal space free of charge, so you can combine your personal and professional agenda.

One tool for all of your plans, how does that sound to you?