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Getting started

General navigation through Swipes

Swipes for Teams consist of a:

  1. Menu,

  2. Main card and

  3. Secondary card.

The Main card is where all functionalities of Swipes for Teams unravel. The Secondary card is used as a help for the function of the Main one- eg. opening attachments, editing a note. You can use the Menu to navigate through the different parts of Swipes for Teams.

To get you started, you would need to get acquainted with the main 4 elements of the Menu.

1. Projects

This section gives you an overview of all projects you are part of. From here you can easily create new projects or see the details of existing ones.

2. Planning

In Planning you and your team can set up the agenda for the upcoming week and assign the tasks to the different members. This is where you see what are your work tasks for the week but you can also set up your personal schedule.

3. Chat

Chat is the place to talk with your colleagues about the current projects, discuss ideas or ask for feedback.

4. Account

From here you can edit your profile information, create teams or pay manage your subscription.

Pro Tip: In general you will always have one main. Yet there are some situations when you need to look at two things at the same time – like creating a project from a note, or editing a plan while you chat. In those situations right-click on a section to open it in the secondary card.