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What can I do in a project?

Working with new software can be overwhelming, therefore we created a list of all options and functionalities you may encounter the first time you are inside a project:

  1. Progress bar – It displays how many of the existing tasks are already completed.
  2. Action button – It can be used to complete the project. Also, once a project is completed, it can be reopened from there, too. This is particularly useful for recurring to-dos or projects which are placed on hold.
  3. List of tasks – An overview of all existing tasks and subtasks.
  4. Assign button – If you hover on a task, an icon will appear next to it. Click on it to assign a person to a task.
  5. Filter out completed tasks – Toggle on to remove all completed tasks.
  6. See your tasks – In case you are interested to see only the items you are assigned to, toggle on.
  7. List expander – Use the + and – to expand and collapse the list of tasks.
  8. Delete project – From the additional options (marked as …) you can navigate to the 'Delete Project' option. Once you delete your project, it cannot be recovered.
  9. Delete completed tasks – You can also delete completed tasks from the additional options menu. This is particularly useful for situations when you have lengthy projects and you do not need to keep all the assignments.