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What features does the planning offer?

Planning is the central hub of Swipes for Teams, therefore it is essential to get familiar with all its features. In the list below, you will find everything you can do within the section.

  1. Week indicator – Every week starts with a new plan. Use this slider to choose the week you want to plan for. You can go back and see historical data, but you can also go one week forth to plan ahead. Planning always opens with the current week loaded.
  2. Calendar –It shows the dates of the workdays in the week. The current date is displayed in a green box.
  3. Progress bar – You can see how many of the existing tasks are already completed from here.
  4. Team selector – This section allows to switch between the different teams in your account and make a plan for them.
  5. List of tasks – It gives you an overview of all tasks and subtasks scheduled for the selected week, separated by project.
  6. Filter out completed tasks – Toggle on to remove all completed tasks from the list.
  7. See your tasks – Use the toggle to see only the items you are assigned to this week.
  8. List expander – Use the + and – to expand and collapse the list of tasks
  9. Add tasks – Even if the week has already started, you can add more items to the weekly plan by using this button
  10. Assign button – If you hover on a task, the assign icon will appear next to it. Click on it to assign a person to it.