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How to set roles in Swipes?

There are three different roles a member of a team can have:

  1. The Owner – This is the person, who created the team in Swipes. He can promote/demote other members, see and set up the billing. He is the only one who can delete the organization. The ownership of a company can only be transferred to another team member by the Owner.

  2. The Admin – This role has similar functions as the Owner, but it does not allow team deletion. Usually, it is given to one or several members who manage the company account. They can change the roles to other Admins and Users.

  3. The User – It is the most basic role, where a person can only see the team and its members but cannot set up their roles nor the payment.

Once the Owner invites his teammates, they all automatically have the status of a User. They can then be changed to another role.