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What is the workflow of Swipes for Teams?

The setup of Swipes for Teams comprises of three main steps:

1. Create a project and write down all required actions

Use the section 'Projects' to compile your goals and the steps to achieve them. To create a new task, simply press 'Enter', but if you wish to you write sub-tasks, use 'Tab'. The command 'Shift+Tab' would bring you a level up.

2. Use the planning to set up your weekly priorities

You can create your weekly plan of action in the 'Planning' section. Select tasks from your projects or you can add new ones. Assign responsibilities, so everyone knows what their weekly tasks are. To see your own, simply toggle on your picture in the bottom of the card.

3. Discuss your work with your team members

In case you want to connect with your team, use the 'Chat'. This is the place to talk with your colleagues about the current projects, discuss ideas or ask for feedback. And don't forget to show appreciation to a colleague by clicking the 'Love' button.

Alternatively, this video will give you a quick overview of how to get started: